Monday, 28 September 2009

~MOBS & Huiwearn Kids Store (Little Bookworm Contest)~

Got less than 24 hours to submit this entry before the contest end

I'm always a LAST MINUTE PERSON... :P Know this contest from the most hottest blog for mummy & daddy Sha always have brilliant idea untuk promote online store! Really admire her idea, I'm thinking nak join Sha collaborate contest to promote my little online store, but belum ada hadiah yang sesuai nak bagi...
Back to the contest LITTLE BOOKWORM CONTEST , This contest was sponsor by I know this blog from MOBS of course! Buku2 dia best and very afordable, i will buy some book from here, already order but not yet pay hehe. If u want to know more detail about the contest please click here NEVER TO LATE TO ENTER! HURRY UP!
Lots of fabulous prizes for the winners. Even early-bird entry pon dah dapat cool! kenapa i tak tau dari awal lagik! last minute entry tak dapat hadiah ke? hehe
About reading, my reading habits start when MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOK 'appear' in my womb (before this very lazy!). Since i duduk sorang & my hubby jauh di perantauan so books will be my bedmate!! Mostly buku about pregnancy n motherhood. First experience nak jadi momy la katakan.
I guess my reading habit menurun to MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOK. Orang tua-tua cakap 'terkenan'. Its a good habit after all... So MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOK memang sangat suka baca buku and also 'makan' buku... Since she was born i dah introduce her with clothe books and until now she love reading & also chewing her books. So rite now, the board book is the best for her .
My LITTLE PINK READING BOOKS name is Nur Hani Fatihah Fauzan, her age one year one month (born on 31st August 2008).
Actually MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOKS love all her books. She will be very tekun while reading all her books. But I guess, her most favourite book is 'FOOD & VEGETABLES'. This is a small board book, easy for her to hold and flip. Bought this since she was 3 months. As a title, this book introduce many kind of vege & fruits with lots of colourful pics. I think she likes this book very much bcoz all the pictures look very yummy to her!
Here are some pictures of MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOKS. These pictures were purposely took for this contest ( I 'dera' MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOKS petang tadi untuk possing with her books) :P Hopefully this entry and pictures will menarik hati all the honarable judges!
FRUIT & VEGETABLES my yummy book

focused on pomegranate picture, nyum...nyum!bz choosing other booksvery tekun membacaignoring me when i called her last, pandang camera jugak!

the most expensive 'books' i bought for her! SHE & ME really enjoy reading this! kecik2 dulu tak rasa baca buku macam ni....


pojan said...

hehehe....rajinnye anak papa ni baca buku. nanti dah besar jgn malas2 plak.

good luck syg for the contest. dah dekat due date baru nak hantar :)

Mama Hany Fatihah said... know me! always last minute! Pray for my victory yek hehe :P

zatiMJ said...

br few months x jumpa dah pandai baca buku ye fatihah. dah boleh duduk atas kerusi pon. Slmat raya kak Nani n abg! Bile kak nani nak pindah UK? :)

Mama Hany Fatihah said...

menang adiah saguhati huhu