Friday, 16 October 2009

~MOBS & Fashionista Giveaway Contest~

Another contest end today 16 October 2009 (ada 30 minit lagi) organize by MOBS

senang jer join contest ni, sempat lagi nih! hadiah nye sangat cun OiOi Messenger Diaper Bag in Pink Coral worth RM250 waduh waduh! sangat-sangat cantik! I love PINK di sponsor oleh Fashionista Mom

How to enter

1. Be MOBS ( follower. done
2. Blog about this contest with the title "MOBS & Fashionista Mom Giveaway Contest" done
3. Make sure mention about MOBS ( & Fashionista Mom ( and link it back done
4. Put our contest banner on your sidebar with a link back to this contest page. done
5. Leave a comment here with your link page.

Senang kan.... rugi tak try..mana tau rezeki last minit hehe

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