Saturday, 26 September 2009

~Hani Fatihah Birthday Party~

I managed to organize simple birthday party for my little princess. Her first year birthday. She is Merdeka Day Baby, 31st August 2008 and this year it falls during Ramadhan. I just decided and arranged the party in less than 12 hours. Always, I am a last minute person! I just inviting my family, since the party was start around 10.30pm after Terawikh prayer... macam tak sesuai je jemput member2 during that time. My aunties n cousins dah ngantuk2 but sudi datang jugak. TQVM for coming n all the presents n angpow birthday for my little princess. Really wish that my hubby was here during the party.....

Birthday Gal with Tok Ucu (muka dah ngantok!)

Birthday Gal with Tok Mok (tahan mata ni)

One Year Candle

Yummy Cheezy Choc from SR

Happy Birthday to U

Her happy face and excited!

Dominos Pizza as a main course

Dah ngantok pon datang jugak..tqtq

My super gorgeous niece Tascha nak jugak pose as birthday girl

Fatihah's uncle, Irfan yang sangat cute & brilliant


pojan said...

thanks sayang for fatihah's besday party....dah beli hadiah for that budak comel?

Mama Hany Fatihah said...

kan best kalo abang ada... hehe every week beli hadiah rasanya :P