Tuesday, 16 June 2009

~London Trip~

Last Saturday (13th June), I'm finally able to go out from Notts after 4 months being stuck preparing my first year assessment (which has already been done on 2oth May). London, I'm going to. I've never been to London before, although almost 2 years being here. Just been there on transit during my trip to Paris.

The trip was planned about 2 months ago, together with Pok Lah. We have decided to take a coach and planned for a day trip. Shouldn't be a problem to go around London within a day due to the long days of summer. Our coach departed around 7.30 am and scheduled to arrive back in Notts at 11.30 pm.

Arrived at Victoria Bus Station at around 10.30 am, and our first place-of-interest was Malaysian Hall...we were going for the food. Bought a 1-day ticket of £5.60 (which allows for travelling within Zone 1 and 2), and we were headed to the Bayswater Station (the nearest station to the Malaysian Hall). Having our lunch and prayer over there. The food just so-so, but can be said to be worth having since we are in UK. Bila lagi nak merasa makan sambal udang petai, pajeri terung, ikan keli etc. kat sini.

Pok Lah buying some souvenir on the way back to Bayswater Station. Luckily, it was cheaper to buy here compared to other places around London which we have been for

Next place was the Tower Bridge. I've noticed that almost every weekend (Saturday & Sunday), there were service disruption for the underground stations, which also occurred on our day trip. So, we have to take 3 trains to arrive at the London Bridge Station (termasuklah 1 train yang tersilap naik).

We spent most of the time walking along the River Thames, taking pictures and cuci mata. Banyak tempat & permandangan menarik along the river. Tower Bridge and also London Bridge.

London Bride

Tower Bridge

Our next destination was London Eye, House of Paliament & Big Ben. From London Bridge Station, we took the Northern Line tube towards Waterloo Station. Waterloo Station is nearby the London Eye. Another places of great scenery for pictures.

House of Parliament

London Eye-Have to book the ticket earlier due to the long queue

House of Parliament & Big Ben

Big Ben

A demonstration being held in front of the Churchill Monument nearby House of Parliament. Protest towards Sri Lanka on human right issues

Last place for the trip was Buckingham Palace. Since it was almost 5.00 pm and most tube services was already closed due to the maintanence works, we decided to talk a walk to Buckingham Palace, which took us for about 15 minutes to reach there. Main attraction at Buckingham Palace is the Queen's Guard (polis baju merah & topi tinggi) which I thought boleh bergambar sama2. But the guards were about 100 metre inside the palace which visitors can't allowed to enter. So, dapat snapped pictures through the fence je. Sempat la jugak tengok the guards changing shift, at 7.00 pm.

Tugu depan Buckingham Palace

Queen's guard in front of Buckingham Palace

After that we headed back to Victoria Coach Station to catch our coach at 8.30 pm. Having our dinner there, before boarding off onto the coach and arrived at Notts at 11.30 pm.


ibu_umairah said...

wah..jaalannn2 london!!!shoping banyak nieeee

pojan said...

org laki g jalan2...mana ada shopping sgt. cuci2 mata je :) . tunggu bln depan nani dtg, sure borong sakan

zatiMJ said...

gmbar lawa. kamera canggih ke?

pojan said...

kamera xcanggih. photographer yg canggih :)