Friday, 26 June 2009

~ :) ~

My home is eerily quiet. Usually I’m spending most of weekday’s time in the office (exception on the lazy day of mine, when I’m feeling that sleep is the best thing to do and don’t want it to let go away :) ).

I’m usually back at home around 6-7 pm. It’s returning to an empty house and there is no one to greet, complain or ask something as soon as I’m taking off the shoes. Then, I’ll have dinner in living room, watching another re-run of Simpsons on Sky1. I’ll let the idiot box run while I’m doing something else, either continuing the office’s works or surfing the internet. I’ve already get used to having all of my time to myself....I cook whenever I want to cook of whatever I want to eat (which usually ended up with either ayam goreng or ayam masak kicap), having the sight of undisturbed house (I'm very particular (or fussy?) about arrangement of things in the house) and I don’t have to share the TV with anyone. I love the peace and quiet. However, I’d also love to cook for someone else other than just myself. Not really means that I can prepare the best meals, but there is nothing sadder than a meal for one.

But this will pass in the next few weeks when my lovely wife & Fatihah (OMG...she has grown almost 8 months without me) together with the in-laws come to UK. And will be followed by a half month visit from my parents, brother & sisters. Can’t wait to have family gathering somewhere far away from Malaysia. Not really planning for a fancy Euro-trip (it’s summer & everyone is taking their day off, so ££ is really matters for a trip), but sure we’ll having a good time then.


Mama Hany Fatihah said...

Sabar ye sayang... i akan masak kan utk u for one month hehe (dah lama gile tak masak ni) Miss u so much!

pojan said...

tq syg...ingat lagi ke nak masak camne hehehe