Saturday, 23 May 2009

~Half Way to Go!~

Alhamdullillah. After almost 1 & half year being here as PhD candidate, on 20th may I'm finally able to confirm my status as PhD student. It was not before I’m passing the assessment.

My presentation was done quite smoothly (although having “errr” & “aaa” here & there), and the assessment went well. Really paid off after all the hard work that had been done before. All praise to Allah whom I always seek help to at the time when I feel like on giving up. Also thanks for the support from my beloved Nani & Fatihah, family & friends (chewahh…dah macam finishing my study je, padahal baru 1st year assessment. But it was really tough when u’re doing at NTEC). Now I can lay off enjoying the summer :)

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