Thursday, 3 July 2008

~Day 1 at Amsterdam~

I'm now in Amsterdam. Just arriving this morning and will be spending the next 4 days exploring the Deutschland. This trip was supposed to be tentatively done on 3rd March (Thursday) until 7th March (Monday). However, not really sure what went wrong, either the online booking system or us (me, Pitt & Wan Hazli), the date printed on the paper after confirmation of the booking was 3rd July (also Thursday) until 7th July (also Monday). But of course, when asking at each others, all of us were really sure about the date that have been selected. So, the blame should be on the online booking system (of course we don't want to blame ourself, right?).

So, here we come after 4 months of delay. With the tulip season has already ended, it seems like we are now planning for the summer holiday here (the unplanned holiday) . Me, Wan Hazli, his wife and lovely daughter arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport around 9.00 am local time. Thanks to Shah who is willing to sacrifice the sleep to send us to airport in the very early morning (4 am).

From airport, we took train to go to Amsterdam Central. There, we waited for Wan Hazli's friend, Zul who is studying here at Delft TU to show us the way around Amsterdam. Also, we have to meet Nazmi, who has arrived earlier than us...around 6 am after taking a 17 hours bus trip from Nottingham (At first, we were really worried about him of losing way in Amsterdam, but luckily he shown up after 10 minutes of waiting at Amsterdam Central. From there, we getting our lunch at the nearby KFC before heading to Best Western Blue Tower Hotel for check in.

After having some rest and pray at the hotel (which is really comfy and worth for money), we headed back to the Amsterdam Central for short trip on our 1st day. Going into the Sex Museum, having a cruise trip along the canal, visiting live "dugong" along the Red Light District and lastly having dinner at one the kebab shop in Amsterdam.

That's all done for the 1st day.

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