Wednesday, 11 June 2008

~Our Little Sweetheart~

It has been quite a long time for me to update this blog. Almost about 2 months... Been a little bit busy lately. With the Euro2008 already started this week, I'm now spending at least 2 hours watching football (kat TV je...tak mampu nak pergi Swiss & Austria). Today, my favourite team Spain has beaten Russia with 4 goals against 1. A very impressive start for Spain. Last weekend, I've also started to find a new house for this coming September. I need to move into a new house, as all of my housemate will be finishing their study (2 persons doing master and one doing PhD split program and all of them will be going back to Malaysia in September). I've also will be going back to Malaysia on 6 September, for about 5 weeks. Can't wait to see my beloved Nani. But before going back, I've to settle down my housing business first, thanks to Izzi & family and Nazmi for helping me along.

Our little sweetheart is already about 6 months years old. Been actives kicking and moving inside her (maybe his) mum's tummy. Already done the detailed scanning, and is expected to be a baby girl. So, it's now time for e-baying. Bought a few clothes from ebay, but I think I need to do a shopping at TK Maxx or M&S at least once before flying back in September. Also need to prepare a back up plan, just in case if our baby is a boy.

Here are some pictures of our little baby. The 1st one is when she (he) is about 5 months and the last one is during the detailed scanning (6 months). Her (His) nose is a copy of me, which I'm getting from my mum. Agak mancung...hehehe.

I'm 5 months now

Mancung tak hidung saya?


~NaNi~ said...

Sayang , orang baru nak update blog letak gambar baby kita, abang dah letak dulu (as usual) hehehe ...cant wait to meet u too! nanti shopping untuk mak baby sekali yer before balik Malaysia :)

zatiMJ said...

ala comey nyer my niece/nephew? da tau jantina ker? msti time jmpa die da besar.huhu

pojan said...

doktor cakap baby girl. tapi tak tau la sbb mungkin blh jadi boy. abg balik bln 9 ni. nak ikut ke? kalau nak kirim apa², bagitau. 6/9 balik...sampai 18/10

pojan said...

mak baby tak payah shopping. dah banyak brg dah. budget thn ni tuk mak baby dah habis :)