Friday, 1 February 2008

~A Day of Everyday in My Life~

I’ve been here for almost five months. What have I done in the past five months? Except from being away from my family and most importantly my wife (an exception for her two-weeks visit cum our second honeymoon early this year), nothing much have been achieved on my study progress. Still on the reading stage and also googling for new literature review. It’s really amazing…when you’re googling, one topic always leads to another. At the end, you’ll find yourself too busy googling and printing bundle of journal paper, which end up in the tray folder.

Some of my friends back in Malaysia always throw me a question. “How’s study in UK? Best tak belajar kat sana?” For me, the answer is very subjective. It depends on who you are and what’s the main purpose in furthering your study over here.

For me, it is a mixed balance between what I’
ve been defined as BEST and TAK BEST, from my point of view. The best thing is that I’m now away from the place where I studied and working for the past six years. It doesn’t mean that I want to run away. Instead, I’m so eager to go back there. Being here, I’ve put myself under new environment, new weather, new people and can take new perspective for my research study. To find the differences in my life. So, here I’m. In UK, which I supposed to be here 10 years ago.

But been here with a long distance relationship with your wife is very challenging. Trust me, nothing can make me the most happiest man in the world than being with my wife whose now 6-weeks pregnant. Wow! Incredible! I’m going to be a dad. It’s worth for the price of our second honeymoon early this year. Thanks Nani for the best ever present I’ve been dreamt of to. So sorry for not being able to be beside you in sharing this parents-to-be experience. Only prayer and doa to Allah in giving you the strength and determination to go through this time alone, and to get us close to each other rohanically (Ada ke rohanically?). Cepat-cepat la apply cuti tanpa gaji. So, that I can be with you in sharing parents-to-be experience. I want to be a great dad.

"One hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of my child"-Chinese Proverb

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nani said...

Sayang this post make me cry... tak sabar rasanyer nak terbang ke uk teman abg. Insy soon i will be there, we will be back like before... Study rajin2 jgn asyik print journal jer...make sure u come out with the result okeh.. i know u an do it! U MY MEN!!! Love u & miss u a loTs!