Monday, 28 January 2008

~Our Story~

Our story begins back in December 1999, when Nani and me of one-year’s virtual relationships had met each other’s. Yes, we are one of those couples who found our love through the internet. At the first place, I thought that those people who fell in love with someone they met online were crazy…..until it happened to me. How can you love somebody, yet even be IN LOVE with someone that you never met? How can you feel anything for a person that you never have spent time with (I mean in real life)?

Let’s look back into the memories of good old days. About 10 years ago, we spent 3-4 hours/day chatting with each others (and of course with other people as well). If I’m not mistaken it was during Ramadan-1998. I’ve just met her randomly in one of the chat room and we started to become friends. We chatted online for about a month before we talked on the phone. We talked and talked and talked until we received our first monthly phone bill (the first phone bill after we started calling each other). RM400++ for both of us and to make things worse, the bill was on the home phone landline (Perlis and Ipoh respectively. Nani was staying in Ipoh during that time). So after going through some hard lectures from our parents, we’ve to limit ourselves on the phone and sticking around only with online chatting.

When Nani and I chatted and talked, I couldn’t understand what was happening. I had feelings for her, but was they real? Apparently she was wondering the same things. One day I asked her if she was feeling something. She said yes, and then I said I did, too. Neither of us had any explanation for it, but we now knew it was for real. After we said how we loved each other, we constantly kept saying “this is so weird.” Now that we knew the other person felt the same, we knew we had to meet. But, I’m a sort of person who got phobia on meeting someone on a blind date.

On December 1999, after about one-year of virtual relationship, we met in person. Four months before we decided to meet, Nani have sent me a red rose, which has been specially delivered (it was Pesta Konvo UPM during that time). I think that rose has made me more close to her and maybe she put some UBAT GUNA-GUNA to make me made a decision to meet each others hehehe. But it takes about four months to decide whether to meet her or not.

As planned, we decided to meet at her hostel. Honestly when I saw her, I felt nothing. Not the feelings I’ve had as we chatted and talked (Is those feeling was for real? I think it was just a plain love, the same as CINTA MONYET. We sat beside each other’s under the car park in front of the hostel and she was just few inches from me. I was smoking and kept smoking during that time (probably due to my nervousness on sitting next to a woman). Our date went on smoothly and as time goes by, my nervousness fade away. We talked and laughed the night away and after four hours having fun on nice chat, it was time to go home. So, done for my first date and hoping for another one. Something about her that attracted me.

So, from that moment we started to meet each other’s frequently. And lucky me, I’ve been accepted to do my degree at the same university and guess what-our frequent weekly meeting had been scheduled to be almost daily (OMG…I’d to start create list of good excuses to be with my friends-playing snooker, spend nite at Mamak’s stall etc.). As time goes by, we fell in love again and it’s not just plain love.

And finally we got married on 11 March 2006. It has been almost two years for our wedding anniversary. We have our ups and downs (which is normal if you’re sharing your life with someone else), and the most important thing is that:

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nani said...

Tersenyum sendiri baca coretan cerite cinta yang abang tulis. teringat kisah dulu-dulu masa hangat bercinta...and untill now our cinta is still hangat daripada biasa kan??? i just want to say U COMPLETE ME.