Friday, 1 May 2009


My wife has opened an online store for selling pre-loved clothes, shoes and stuffs belong to ours Fatihah. At last...she managed to create her own blog. Thanks God!!....after all this while of keep asking me to create one for her. I'm always giving some lame excuses (busy, lazy, nanti2 la) whenever she asked me. Not really busy with my works, but just want to let her do it on her own. I knows that she's too lazy to learn somethings that is new to her. But, to create a blog doesn't need you to be a rocket scientist. Even budak sekolah rendah skrg pon dah ada their own blog. If I'm creating one for her, I'm really sure that I'll be the one who need to update the blog...

Seems like her blog now doing quite good. Nice layout and bisnes pon dah maju :) Good luck and may be next year we'll have to find a shop lot to expand our bussiness eh. Do visit her at

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Mama Hany Fatihah said...

Sayang nak sponsor modal shop lot & stock ker? best nyerr ... love u!