Wednesday, 4 March 2009

~My Flash Games :) ~

Just read in yesterday's Harian Metro (or few days back...really can't remember, I'm losing my short terms memory now :)...damn to the PhD (permanent head damage)) about one game that has been created specially for Norman Hakim, entitled "Lepas Geram Kat Norman Hakim". Based on Harian Metro (what the heck...i'm writing just like i'm preparing a report!!), the flash game requires the player to kick Norman as far as possible.

Firstly I was impressed with the person who create the game, since I thought that he must spent a lot of time and creativity in creating the game (he must be someone who really hate Norman....possibly die-hard-fan of Abby or ex-bf of Memey (who's Memey??...just know her after read the story of divorce of Norman-Abby). But after found and play the game, it is just a simple game to create. No time wasting, no creativity needed and it is free too. Just pop up any picture onto the pre-built flash game...and it's ready to be played. Not only Norman Hakim, even Siti Nurhaliza's game can be created too. Then put in some fancy title, put the game on ur website and for sure after 1-2 weeks, u'll be on the headlines of Harian Metro. But have to take a risk on being sued....sebab zaman sekarang nie hal remeh temeh pun nak saman menyaman.

Back to the flash game, rather than playing the Norman's game, it's better to create my own game :) So here are my two game...the first one called "Mari Picit Jerawat Nani" since she loves to squeeze my pimples once upon a time. And the second is the kisses for my lovely daughter. I'm taking my night off for today after few weeks preparing for report...that's why i got time to do some junk reading on Norman's issues, creating the games and writing this post.

Note: Picit jerawat je, jangan picit tahi lalat!!


CaBaiKeRinG said...

salam.. fatihah is so cute!

have a great journey of life... you are one lucky mom!

take care


nani said...

salam cabai kering

tq 4 for viwing my blog. every women in d world yg dah jadi mumy are very lucky rite?

u take care too n al the best wit your juaimurah store

pHatMoMMy said...

hi...mana u punye online store? u left a comment on mine, bila i click to this website..tak jumpa plak u punye store...hehe...boleh bagi add? i kat