Monday, 29 December 2008

~My Kampung~

These pictures was taken when I was back in Malaysia last September. Paddy field at the back of my home at Perlis. My father used to and still planting rice in this paddy fields. From a zero knowledge about rice planting (my father is from Pontian, Johor which is more common with palm oil, kopi and maybe nenas kot), now he is able to manage about 3-4 paddy fields of his own. Aiseh...his sons and daughters whom born locally in Perlis pon tak reti nak buat bendang. I used to help in planting rice when I was in junior high school, tapi boleh dikira dengan jari je. High salute to my father on his determination and strength to do all this works at the age of 60s.

Google Map: Shows the location of my home (YELLOW) & rumah Mat Doyot (PURPLE)

Nowadays, rice planting becomes easier with the use of the latest technology.Few years ago, we need to scatter the rice grains in a wet farm land (tapak semaian) and wait until it will sprout. Then we have to transfer the sprout grains into a wet paddy field and wait for a few months before ready to be harvested. However, nowadays after ploughing the field, rice grains will be scatter throughout the wet paddy field and let it grow until it can be harvested. No more transferring from the wet farm land to the paddy fields (make a job quite easier). Dulu, buffalo is usually used to plough the fields, however has been replaced by machines (tractor) nowadays.

Gambar kerbau bajak sawah (from internet...& the man in pic isn't my father)

Video on traditional method for rice planting

Mind of Mencia: Rice Lord (WARNING: Few scenes may be categorized as 18SX)

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