Friday, 2 January 2009


Pictures update on my trip to Middlesbrough to watch football match between Middlesbrough and Arsenal. This was on 13 December, tapi baru je nak upload gambar. Middlesbrough is located on the north east of England, about 2 and half hour of journey from Nottingham. The city is located on the south bank of the River Tees (based on Wikipedia la) and has oceanic climate. No wonder it is really windy and cold. The stadium, Riverside Stadium memang betul2 bersebelahan dengan River Tees, yang memang menjadi port kapal berlabuh.

It was rainy all day, from the Nottingham to Middlesbrough and until we got back in Nottingham. Stadium was about 3/4 full, maybe because of the rainy day...and ticket for the match were still selling at the counter on that day. We sat on the Arsenal side and on the fourth row from the front. But it was exactly behind the goal not really a good location for taking pictures (most of my pictures akan berlatarbelakangkan jaring gol). And because the weather was really really cold and wet, jadi tak banyak gambar pon yang dapat diambik waktu game tu (malas nak kuarkan tangan dari poket dan bukak sarung tangan). Game ended with 1-1 draw (nape asal pergi tengok game je, sure seri...1-1 plak tu). After the game, we go to find mosque before heading to Nando's for our dinner. They got halal's Nando's over here. Middlesbrough is really a nice place and worth for the visit. Sempat berjalan2 kejap je masa mula-mula sampai, before the game start. Maybe next time will come again.

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