Monday, 3 November 2008

~Nokia Map Crack~

Yesterday I've made another stupid mistake again. While I'm trying to update my phone to a newest version, I've accidentally reset all the data in the phone memory, which includes all the contacts numbers, messages that I've stored for the past one years and most of the installed applications. Already being reminded from the Nokia website regarding the importance of doing a backup for all the contents, just in case all the data are lost during the updating process. But as usual, I'm always thinking on the positive side...I'm just updating the phone, so maybe it doesn't effect the contents or what so ever. But now I'm losing all my data and applications. It has been twice for me to face this problem. The first time was through my own stupidity, which I've accidentally reset the phone by pressing the shortcut key. Actually, it wasn't my intention to reset the phone, just playing around with the shortcut key which I found about it through the internet.

Today, I'm struggling to install all the application and get my contacts numbers back by searching through some note and getting from Nani & friends. While searching for the applications, I've found a crack version of software for Nokia Map which allow us to download the navigation mode for free :) So, it's true that bad things happened for a reason.

I've already tried the navigation mode which I've purchased for just 7 days and it costs me about GBP7.00. And I've checked the price for the navigation mode (Drive & Walk and Traffic Info) from the Nokia website ( and it cost for almost GBP60.00 to purchase a one-year duration of navigation mode.

So, I would like to share the link for the crack of the free of charge navigation mode for Nokia Maps (padan muka Nokia, sapa suruh reset all the data from my phone). I've already tried this crack on my N95 and it's worked (means I've already downloaded the navigation mode for free). But I didn't manage to try whether the navigation works perfectly or not. Have to try it later, but if it doesn't work I'm not losing anything pon. Just trying my luck.

Instruction for using the crack navigation mode for Nokia Maps.

1. Make sure you have already installed the latest Nokia Map version 2.0 on the phone (which can be found from Nokia website And also you've already installed Nokia Map Uploader version 2.02 on the PC.

2. Use the Nokia Map Uploader to download and transfer your selected maps and voice navigation into your phone (PC and phone should be connected via PC Suite mode). What you have on the phone now is the original version of Nokia Map without the navigation mode.

3. Install the Licence.Manager.Pro.v6.16_signed.sis into the phone which can be downloaded from, either by transferring using bluetooth or Nokia PC Suite.

4. Now download the Nokia Map V2.0 Crack from onto the PC. What you'll get is the unsigned version of Nokia Map V2.0 Crack. You have to sign the crack before installing into the phone. The step for signing the unsigned applications are given below:-

a. Step 1: Install one of the TRK application based on your respective phone using the list below.

<> for SymbianOS9 devices WITHOUT FP1
<> for SymbianOS9 devices WITH FP1

Pre-FP1 devices:

  • Nokia N77
  • Nokia E61i
  • Nokia E65
  • Nokia N93i
  • Nokia N91 8GB
  • Nokia E62
  • Nokia E50
  • Nokia 5500
  • Nokia N93
  • Nokia N73
  • Nokia N80
  • Nokia N71
  • Nokia N92
  • Nokia E70
  • Nokia E60
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia 3250

FP1 devices:

  • Nokia 6124 classic
  • Nokia N82
  • Nokia N95-3 NAM
  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia N95 8GB
  • Nokia N81
  • Nokia N81 8GB
  • Nokia 6121 classic
  • Nokia 6120 classic
  • Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator
  • Nokia E90 Communicator
  • Nokia N76
  • Nokia 6290
  • Nokia N95
b. Step 2: After installing the TRK application on the phone, make sure you've disconnect the phone from PC. Run the TRK application (which is installed in the Application folder) and when it asks for bluetooth connection, don’t turn it on, and change the connection settings to USB. Then connect the phone to PC via PC Suite mode and from the Options menu of the TRK application, select CONNECT. To get this application running properly, make sure that the newest Nokia PC Suite has been installed.

c. Step 3: With the TRK application running on the phone and phone is connected to PC via PC Suite mode, open the SecMan.exe (downloaded from on PC and follow the instructions. When it's done, looks in the Application folder on the phone and you'll fine SecMan application. Open and click on “Install Root Certificate” and also make sure that Turn Plat Security is turned ON.

d. Step 4: On the PC Install the Root Sign.exe <>. Open the currently installed Root Sign.exe on PC and choose the unsigned application to be signed for (i.e Nokia Map V2.0 Crack). Follow the instructions and you'll get the signed version of the Nokia Map V2.0 Crack.

5. Install the signed version of the Nokia Map V2.0 Crack into the phone.

6. After the installation finished, start Nokia Maps on the phone as usual. When you want to navigate, application will ask whether you want to download some licenses. Choose YES, and after that choose YES once more for download of software (don't worry, it won't download anything, if you are afraid take your sim card before you run Nokia Maps). After 'virtual downloading' process is finished choose option all regions and Nokia Maps will start navigating you to place or destination you want.

Hope the instructions will help. You can google about this procedures on the internet. I've also found the crack version of Tom Tom which can be used via the internal GPS of Nokia N95. Haven't installed yet and if it is successful, I'll try to upload here.


abu said...

how about the FP2 model, eg. n78,n96,n95..etc

pojan said...

i have posted another method for signing an unsigned applications. this can be used on FP2 model but i haven't try it yet. do give ur comments if u've already finished with the installation.

Slash The Underground said...

hey, it's not working for me.
I've googling to solve my problem for like a week.

I got "unknown device" when I tried to executed secman.exe. I double checked my port which should works fine.

any helps would be appricated.


pojan said...

i'll to give guidelines by assuming that u've already installed TRK application on ur phone & secman.exe on ur PC. try check the following:-

1. status of the TRK application, should be connected to PC via PC Suite before running the secman.exe

2. make sure TRK is running on the phone (do not exit the application) before start secman.exe on the PC

if the problem still exist, try to restart the phone after installing TRK before connecting to PC.

or may be u can do the opposite ways.

1. before connecting the phone to PC, open the TRK. go to OPTIONS-SETTINGS and select CONNECTION to USB.

2. connect the phone & PC via PC Suite. Leave the TRK as it is (do not select CONNECT on the TRK)

3. run secman.exe and it will automatically connect the TRK to PC.

hope this can help u. if the problem still exist, may be i can find another ways. do tell me on ur progress. good luck

Anonymous said...

It works for my Nokia N82... :)

Thanks alot...

Anonymous said...

I have followed the instructions and have been using on my N95 8g ever since. Thanks pojan :)

pojan said...

good to know that the crack is working on ur phone. enjoy..

Anonymous said...

Do i have to delete the original software after the instalation of the cracked one?

MaurĂ­cio said...

Do i have to delete the original Nokia Maps version from the phone after the installation of the cracked one?

Varun Devayya said...

Does it work on an E62? Tried everything possible but keep getting an "update error"!

pojan said...

mauricio: leave the original maps as it is. u'll still need it since the crack is overwritten into the original one. so, if u delete the orinal, so do the crack

varun: it should works on E62. maybe u should update the nokia map, pc suite and map uploader. which parts does the error occured?

Ismail said...

HI,I am trying this process on N73 with latest versions of Nokia Maps, pc suite and map uploader but unfortunately getting the same Error as "Varun" (Update Error).

pojan said...

varun & ismail: which part of the process does the update error occured? r u already installed the original nokia map? which version it is?

Varun Devayya said...

Thanks for ur reply pojan!!:)

I think mine is Nokia maps v1.2. I am unable to install any version above that, even the official latest nokia releases!

I get the "Update Error" message during installation i.e. i get the prompt asking me if i want to install maps, once i click yes, it shows me the version number and before i get the installation status bar, i get the error message.

pojan said...

varun & ismail: i've checked the nokia website and the latest version of nokia map for E62 & N73 is 1.0. u should have at least version 2.0 for the crack to work. maybe u can try to download nokia maps version 2.0 from other type of phone (e.g. N95). i don't know whether this work or not, but u could give a try.

Anonymous said...

Failed on my Nokia E90 to crack the map ver 2.
after step 5,
there are a message :
Certificate error, contact the application supplier

pojan said...

it is either the signing process of the nokia map crack is incomplete or u have to change the date of ur phone back to about a year (e.g 2007)

Varun Devayya said...

Thanks for the quick reply Pojan!!

I have tried installing all possible versions available for all models but it just doesn't work!! :-(

Bishnu said...


I tried with my Nokia N82 and it is working fine. One question, If i update my maps, will it still work or i have to redo everything again.

Thanks buddy.. this is gr8 indeed


pojan said...

Bishnu: Not really sure about updating the map. Some people have to do it again. But some were unable to install the crack properly after updating the maps. I'm not quite sure about this. Just stick to the version I've installed for the crack. Maybe u want to try ur luck :)

pojan said...

varun: really sorry that the crack didn't work for ur phone. maybe need for a new phone :)

Gaurav said...

I'm trying to install the cracked nokia maps on my E90 but it failed while I was trying to Install with FP1 - TRK application. Error Message "Unable to install. Component is buit-in"
I've also tried changing phone date or re-starting the phone but doesn't work. Pls help. Thnks GG

Gaurav said...

FP1 TRK failed to install on my E90. Error Msg was "Unable to Install. Component is built-in".

Have already tried restarting the phone or resetting the date of the phone. Pls help.

pojan said...

gaurav: maybe TRK is already installed in ur phone. some phone does but not sure about E90. either you skip to the next step or try to find a way to uninstall it before installing the downloaded TRK

Varun Devayya said...

Guess What!? I'm buying a new phone :) A windows one though!

pojan said...

varun: :) then you should be able to install tom tom on that phone. a lot of crack for tom tom on windows OS phone. thrown away ur E62?

Telle said...

i cannot get the crack :(

pojan said...

tella: hi, which part that u can't get?

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering if anyone have tried it on E71? How can I do it?

Parpy said...

hi pojan; i can't get/download Nokia Map V2.0 Crack from the link you given. Where can I get it and how can I do it with Nokia E71?


P.S. Sori if my similar post earlier has went through. Something wrong with my internet connection.

pojan said...

parpy: seems the link for the crack has been dead. i'll try to upload again in very near time as soon as i found where i put them.

Parpy said...

Hi Pojan

Just curious to know if your method works on E71 with firmware Thanks


Anonymous said... the page has no link to down can you help so i can try this crack.

david said...

Hello Pojan,

The link given in step 4 for Nokia Map V2.0 Crack: returns a "page not found" error

can you check if you still have the crack, please?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

The link is still dead, can you please supply me with a working link to the crack...

Anonymous said...

can anyone upload a new crack, the old one has expired.

Khalil said...

Dear Pojan,

tried to download the crack in step 4 but unfortunatly it gave a file not found page,
please if u still have the file can u send it to my e-mail (

thanx in advance

Anonymous said...

Pls Give a soln for Nokia navigation on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Touch Screen)