Thursday, 23 October 2008

~Nur Hani Fatihah~

The meanings of our little girl's name:-

Nur :- Cahaya
Hani :- Yang Mengucapkan Selamat
Fatihah :- Pembukaan

So, kalau Nur Hani Fatihah = Cahaya-Yang Mengucapkan Selamat-Pembukaan. Kalau ejas2 bagi nampak sedap lebih kurang maksudnya Cahaya Pembukaan dari Yang Mengucapkan Selamat. Cahaya Pembukaan means that she's the 1st of our family. Yang Mengucapkan Selamat = Dah mengucapkan selamat jalan kepada papa yang dah flying back to Nottingham when she's 49 days old.

Sebenarnya Hani tu dipilih sbb nak get close to her mum's name, Nur Hanani and the translation for Hani is preferred to be in English which is read as HONEY (Honey Bunny). Kalau dicampur aduk translation Arab & English, she's means Pembukaan kepada Cahaya Kesayangan.


zatiMJ said...

hi nur hani fatihah! nnti maksu kasik adiah kat papa e.i'm going to Notts games on 8th november, saturday.abg free ke time tu?adik p shari jer.c u there!

pojan said...

ada kot time tu. nanti apa2 hal call/msg. nak bg kuih raya

david santos said...

The Children are the future of World!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

pojan said...

thanks a lot david.

it's very true that children are te future of the world.

and parent should be a good example and a wise teacher for them.

Anonymous said...

hello, I just Happened to come across your blog, My daughter is also named Nurhani born 2/24/07, and i was looking for the meaning in other languages, (if any), but the the explaination was in malay, perhaps? if u care to explain it, find me on facebook as fatmah ahmed of columbia missouri usa

pojan said...

hi fatmah, sorry cause i can't find u on the facebook. so, i've just leave the A for ur Q here...hope u'll check back for this post. the translation of nurhani is based on arabic, which means the lights of the greeters. it is a such beautiful name for ur lovely daughter. usually, malays always use arabic words for name, hence the translation is taken from arabic