Saturday, 23 August 2008

~Manchester United vs Newcastle United~

Although I'm a Spurs fan, but my dreams is to watch football match at either Old Trafford or Emirates (two of the top and well known stadium . And my dream comes true on the 17 August. Me, Shah, Naim & Pok Lah were able to buy tickets for visitors on the opening game at Old Trafford (Manchester United vs Newcastle United). So, we have to pretend to be Newcastle United fan. But the experience is really worth. The game ended with a 1-1 draw. It's so enjoyable to be among small grous of Newcastle fans which is quite happening as compared to the Manchester United fan. We stand for all the times during the game, cause everybody was too, keep chanting and singing for Newcastle players....only do some miming just to show and pretend that we also supports the teams. Otherwise we will be kick off from the stand since we are the only outsiders among the Newcastle fan (all others was local people which I can't find any Pakistani or Chinese).

Tiket berharga GBP41 (bought through the Newcastle United website)

Shah & Pok Lah baru register for Newcastle United fan club

Manchester players tengah warm up (kamera boleh 3X zoom je, so yang ni je boleh captured)

Newcastle players tengah warm up

Suasana dalam stadium, 10 minit sebelum game start (Still kosong lagi)

5 minit sebelum sepak mula

Starting line up before kick off

Purak2 gembira bila Newcastle leading 1-0 (tapi tak sampai 5 minit, Manchester dah sumbat 1 gol utk keputusan 1-1)

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