Tuesday, 15 July 2008

~Day 3 & 4 at Rotterdam~

It has been past a week after I'm back in Nottingham. Still haven't finish writing up the story about the journey. Dah macam ingat-ingat lupa je about the whole journey. Clock is ticking fast and it seems that i'm getting older in trying hard to refresh back the past one week data. Is it me getting older or been busy with a lot of things that I've got time to manage? (But still got time for a holiday break eh... :) )

On day 3, we moved from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, about an hour journey by train. Rotterdam is one of the largest port in the world. We stayed at Maritime Hotel (supposed to be hotel based on the name, but actually kinda of hostel arrangement, with a shared bathroom and toilet). But it is better (far far better) than the hostel I'd stayed in Ljubljana. The tagline for the hotel is "Three star hotel in a five star location". No wonder the price per room per night can be rated as five star although it is defined as the low budget hotel. The hotel is facing the waterfront and the famous Erasmus Bridge.

Nothing much done on the 1st day here. Arrived at Rotterdam Centraal Station around 12 pm. Greeted by Zul and his wife and also Mr. Ahmad (Petronas) and family. After that, we were headed to the hotel for check-in and then having lunch at one of the kebab restaurant at Rotterdam City. It was raining during the whole evening. So, nothing much could be done except walking around the city and wet market (which about to close at the time we arrived). Then Zul decided to bring us to Mr. Ahmad's house for having our dinner there. So, on the night we were having our dinner of delicious nasi ayam prepared by Mr. Ahmad and family. Thanks a lot.

The next day, we planned to go to Kinderdijk, a unique windmill village in Netherlands. Kinderdijk is the only place in the world where you can find so many windmills concentrated on such a short area. It is really worth for a visit around here. It is a very beautiful "kampung" scenery. Just like going into paddy fields, but with a lots of windmills around. We spent all day at Kinderdijk...actually the journey from hotel to Kinderdijk almost 3 hours (have to take 2 boat trips, walk for 15 minutes from the place where boat dropped us). Tiring but worthy.

Early morning on the next day, we have to catch our flight on 9 am (but we have to get up as early as 5 am, get a taxi to Rotterdam Centraal, then a train to the Schiphol Airport). Arrived at Nottingham on 10 am.

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