Tuesday, 24 June 2008

~Spain vs Italy~

As Euro 2008 enters its semi-finals stage tomorrow, only 4 teams remain-Germany, Turkey, Russia and of course my favourite, Spain.

Spain vs Italy on the last 2 days was a thrilling match for me to watch. But, it's only thrilling just after 70 minutes of the game plus extra time plus breathtaking penalties.

Yess!! Italy is out and they deserve to be. It looked like Italy had no desire to win the game and just waited for the penalty. And Italy got what they deserved. Sapin took some great penalties. Casillas is the best goalkeeper in the world. Maybe some people can say that Spain couldn't win the game if Gatusso and Pirlo were in. But in the end, Spain advanced and Italy did not. So, case closed.

Spain's finally done it and will be facing the Russians. Although the Russians was beaten in the first game of the group stage, it will be a very different game. Russia played magnificently against tournament favourite, Holland. It should be an exciting match to watch then.

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