Thursday, 2 July 2009

~Beautiful Disaster~

Happened in Shanghai, China & pictures are taken from

Structural Engineers = 1
Geotechnical Engineers = 0

A perfect topple for nearly completed 13-story building. And also a great example on the importance of foundations & footings (geotechnics & soil mechanics- the hardest subject I've ever learn :) )

Someone had told me before, "the difference between architect & civil engineer is that : if something is beautifully & gorgeously built, people will remembers the architect who designed it, but civil engineer will only be remembered if something wrong happened". So, architect get the name & civil engineer only get the blame. Seems that I had made a wrong choice in career then :)


Aleyn said...

Hi...Comelnyer anak u...

U realy look like a friend of mine...

Btw, Salam Ziarah

Mama Hany Fatihah said...

salam ziarah

tq, your kids pon comel2 jugak!

mmmm siapa ye... u belajar mana dulu?