Thursday, 25 December 2008

Pieces of Crap in Our Life

Sometimes, the world can be unfair to you. For all the hard works you have done, no one really looked into it, apatah lagi nak appreciated it. Just to make things even worse, all of the credit was given to other people whom just happen to be at the right time helping you to finish up your work.

This story happened to my wife. Her confirmation for the employment still uncertain due to stupidity of her boss on judging people's works. Reason given: not having a paper published in either journal or conference. How he could rate the progress of his employee based on just one paper? My wife is not in the academic field where the rule is Publish-or-Perish. There is not even a rule that requires for publishing paper to get the confirmation. My wife already started writing up her paper for a conference which was held last November. However, she had to stop halfway through due to maternity leave. Works was loaded to someone else to finish it up the writing...just on the data analysis and report writing. My wife had also help that "someone" on the data analysis and some of the writing part although she's still in her maternity leave. Back to her boss..he didn't approved the confirmation of employment for my wife but approved the confirmation for that "someone". Reason: that "someone" had published a paper. Paper that she had just written on the half part of it, itu pun with some some help from my wife. I thinks that "someone" is so SPECIAL since she the only one who managed to be confirmed instead of few other peoples who are more senior and better than that "someone". Just finishing something on other people's works, then you get the promotion. WTF !!

A piece of advice from me to those related is always up and down. When you are on the top, don't forget to look on the people below. You'll need these people to catch you during your fall down. Otherwise you'll hit hard on the floor. And for people who always take advantage on other two cents is you have nothing to be proud off. Be shame of yourself.

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