Thursday, 27 November 2008

~Tony Roma's~

Finally...I'm able to finish up this post which has been in Draft's folder for almost 2 months. Delayed due to my laziness to upload the pictures and to finish up the writing (I'm always procrastinating and love to do thing at the last minute). When I was back in Malaysia, one of the things that I've put in the THINGS-I-MUST-DO list was to have all the Malaysian food that I've missed. And under the sub-list of MESTI-MAKAN food was ikan patin masak tempoyak (my favourite), murtabak, roti telur, teh tarik, KFC, McDonalds, char kuetiow (I wasn't able to have it due to Nani's promise of cooking a special one for me. But until the end she still searching for the recipe) and the list going on and on as there were Pasar Ramadhan during the time I was in Malaysia.

A day before I'm flying back to Nottingham, Nani and me went out for a date at our usual place, Midvalley (This has been our regular place for dating since we started knowing each other). We have to leave our dearest cutie with Mama since we are planning to spent longer time there. Of course we love to have her around but since she’s just 7 weeks old, we assumed that the place wasn’t suitable for her yet.

We'd done a lot of shopping, mostly for our lovely Fatihah. Since it was during a weekdays, not quite a lot of people around. So we had a great time walking around and also have a chance to take picture with Nasha Aziz who just finish doing a photograph session for promotion of new branded handbag.

I wish I could have a pose like this with Nasha, but... :(

Around 3, we decided to have special lunch, since I'm flying back to Nottingham th next day. Nani suggested that we go to Chilli’s but I want to go somewhere else since we frequently go to Chilli’s for our special treat. Then we decided to have lunch at a newly opened restaurant, Tony Roma's. One of the main different between Tony Roma's and Chilli's that I found when we were inside was the atmosphere. Chilli’s is quite noisy compared to Tony Roma’s (or maybe because there weren’t many people lunch during that time…only 3 table including ourself).

Tony Roma’s is famous for its ribs as shown by its tagline “Famous for Ribs”. Actually I just found out that Tony Roma's famous ribs is Baby Back Ribs (which is a pork ribs, but this menu wasn't served in any Malaysian franchise). For starter, we had the Onion Loaf (half set of onion loaf since the staff has kindly enough to tell us that half set is more than enough for two persons). Yummy and delicious with the special dip sauce and as been told before the half set is more than enough for us. There were few left since we become “muak” because the taste got oilier at the end. However it was worth to try and is really recommended to have it for the next visit. Also they served garlic bread with a nice dip sauce FOC.

I'd myself steaks which I've already forgotten which steaks it was (either Rib Eye or New York Strip) and Nani ordered Chicken Tenderloin Platter served with fries, coleslow and honey mustard. Steaks was great, served with creamy baked potatoes and coleslow. But the chicken wasn't up to our expectation. It was terrible and not wotrh for the pice. For me, if you want to have lunch or dinner here, never order Chicken Tenderloin Platter, just go for the ribs or steaks. But the price was quite pricey. The steaks is RM50++ and the chicken is about RM30++ (if I'm not mistaken).

Chickens that look dull (not really worth for the price)


ZiE said...

nani....... miss u .. frm gboy n family

nani said...

sucy...miss u n gboy too! kirim salam sama itu pak gboy, hana sofiya so cute!!!