Saturday, 26 July 2008

~Dark Knight~

Today was one of the hottest day I've ever experienced since arriving in Nottingham. Dah rasa macam kat Malaysia. Rasanya, today's temperature has reached almost 25°C (agak2 je la). Memang cuaca di Notts sekarang agak pelik. Dah nak masuk bulan Ogos, baru nak start rasa peak season in summer. Already start to feel my hand burning when exposed to the sun (Baru je berazam nak cerahkan kulit since being in the cold weathers country, dah kena sun burn time going out for grocery shopping tadi).

Last night I went to watch Dark Knight (a new Batman movie) with my friends. It is a sequel for Batman Begins. Actually I'm not into the "Superhero" series or movie. Because most of this "Superhero" story have a predictable-ending with a straightforward storyline. But after watching Dark Knight, my perceptions has changed. At least for this movie. It is superbly created, so thrillingly-executed by Christopher Nolan (who also directed The Prestige and Memento, which are among my favorites movie). I thinks it is one of the best movie I've seen this year ( :) I've only watched 3 movie since been here-Jumper, National Treasures II and Dark Knight, what a bias conclusion being made. Nope....4, plus Rambo IV which was downloaded by Shah. Dah jadi macam tengok cite lawak pulak when watching old Rambo ambush satu batalion askar sorang2. But Rambo was the box office movie suatu masa dahulu). Although Dark Knight is a 152 minutes long, with its richly thrilling crime saga I didn't realize that it is already 1.30 am when we walking out from the cinema. For me, the key performance for the movie is Joker (Heath Ledger) and he should be at least nominated for the Oscar (but who will turn to receive the award if he win? Heath Ledger was found dead early this year).

Hugely entertaining, superbly acted and excellent designed blockbuster with spectacular action. I haven't watch Batman Begins yet, so thought of filling this nite watching the movie. My favorite website for streaming and downloading movie/TV series is Already seen Dark Knight being uploaded at the site last week. So, hopefully there were also Batman Begins, and others Batman movies too.


zatiMJ said...

meh le dtg plymouth. ari2 pon sjuk. ntah bl nk pns. adek ade bnda nk bg kat org m'sia. tp jauh la plak nk p nott. adek pos sudah. nnti jgn lupa bwk blk mai ikn masin etc utk adek abg neh. i'll wait. =)

pojan said...

okeh. kalau ada apa2 nak kirim nanti bgtau. kueh raya ke ketupat ke...abg sempat raya kat m'sia :)