Saturday, 15 March 2008

~Tips on “How to Prepare for the Arrival of a Newborn As a Father”~

Some tips that I got from -Arrival-of-a-Newborn-As-a-Father

1. Make sure that you start catching up on sleep and relaxing now, as much as possible. You're going to need it. (NOT REALLY, SINCE BOTH OF US ARE PRETTY BUSY WITH EACH OTHERS WORKS. BUT WE WERE USED TO BE IN “NO TIME FOR SLEEP” MODE. RIGHT NANI?)

2. Help your wife set up the baby's room. You can put the furniture together, and paint the room (if it's needed). Chances are, she'll appreciate any and all help she can get. (REALLY LOVE TO DO THAT. BUT WE ARE NOT REALLY HAVING A FIXED ROOM FOR OUR BABY NOW. I’M HERE IN UK & NANI STILLS IN MALAYSIA. MOST PROBABLY WHEN NANI COMES HERE WITH OUR CUTEY, THEN WE’LL SET UP THE ROOM TOGETHER)

3. Parenting classes can be helpful for new parents and parents to be. They will show you how to do all kinds of things, from changing diapers, to bathing your baby. (CAN BE LEARN FROM MAK & MAMA, IS IT RIGHT NANI? I KNOW THAT YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO GO TO ANOTHER CLASSES)

4. Read the parenting books, they offer a lot of information for new parents and parents-to-be. (A LOT OF INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND FROM “LAMAN SESAWANG” TOO)

5. Know how to properly put your baby's car seat into your car. Know how to properly put your baby into the seat. Studies have shown that many baby seats are installed the wrong way. (REALLY? IS IT REALLY DIFFICULT TO FIX THIS THING UP? BUT NEED TO FIND A CAR FIRST TO GO ON THE PRACTICAL LESSONS. NANI CAN TRY THIS ON HER KELISA)

6. Discuss your thoughts and emotions (positive and negative) with your partner - nothing is too trivial or silly. Communicating well is going to become essential to the both of you - take the time now to understand where each of you is coming from. (DONE EVERYDAY-EITHER THROUGH PHONE OR INTERNET L. REALLY MISS U SAYANG)

7. Sing and talk to the baby before it's born. Really. It can certainly hear you, and the more it hears your voice, the more it will be reassured by being close you after it's born. (SING A SONG TO OUR BABY SAYANG. KARAOKE TIME. FOR SURE OUR CUTEY WILL LOVE YOUR VOICE THAT YOU ALWAYS PROUD OF)

8. Talk about your wife's expectations of you during the birth. If you feel that there is any doubt about your ability to provide her with the support she's going to need, tell her now! She can then make alternate arrangments to have a relative, friend, or doula come in to help too. (CAN I ASK FOR YOUR PERMISSION TO BE OUTSIDE OF THE LABOUR ROOM? HEHEHE…..MABUK DARAH MAA. PLEASEEE)

9. Cut your new family some slack - having visitors, no matter if it's your parents, her parents or the President, is going to be tough. Too many cooks spoil the soup - tell everyone to wait for two weeks before planning visits and longer stays. (NOT FOR MALAYS. VISITORS ARE WELCOME. DON’T FORGET TO BRING PRESENT TOO)

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