Thursday, 17 August 2006

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Got "Kupu-kupu" in My Stomach

15 August
Besok aku ada presentation. And since I’m one of the people that can be categorized as having “darah gemuruh”, so no wonder if lately I’m always feeling macam tak senang duduk je. Usually I always feel like this when I’m nervous.

Even after I’m done thousand of presentation, I’m sure that I can’t get rid off this feeling easily. It feels like butterflies fluttering inside my stomach. The same feeling happened when I ride a roller coaster. Still remember the 1st and probably my last ride on roller coaster. Dated back to 1996 @ Sunway Lagoon. If I’m not mistaken, it was a “Triple Looper”. Yang pusing-pusing 360°.

16 August
I’ve already rehearse my presentation twice this morning. Also, I’ve prepared some note for my speech. My presentation is on 4.
I have learned that I can practice a presentation a hundred times, but it still doesn't ever turn out the same way when I'm in front of the “real” audience. So, twice is enough.

I’ve done my presentation. As usual, the entire note that I’ve prepared, have never been used during my presentation. So, I’ve come to a conclusion. In order for me to combat my nervousness, I’ve to gain my confident during the first few slides. That gives me a good start to my presentation, which lets the rest of the presentation flow smoothly.

However, when it comes to this situation again, there were still butterfly fluttering in my stomach.

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